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Counted on Nov 7,2008

          Thai food become in recent years one of the world's favorite cuisines. No city or town or suburb, it would appear, is complete without a Thai restaurant, many visitor come to Thailand with the objective of finding out the true taste of Thai food. The purpose of this publication therefore is to define Thai food and the way of preparing and serving it, and to explain the traditions behind the cuisine; for in Thailand, food is very much part of our culture and our history. Have a greater understanding of Thai cuisine, and you will better understand and enjoy Thailand.

          When we speak of "Thai food", we are in fact talking of four very distinct regions in the country, each with their own culinary traditions. We are speaking too of the dishes created in the royal courts and palace of Old Siam, that have been passed down through many generation of chefs, and finally into the public domain. Good food also comes up from the street level, and many of Thailand's most popular dishes can be found at the smallest food stalls and restaurants. And there is the influence of China, India, Malaysia and other neighboring countries. So all these different factors come together under the label "Thai food"

          We wish you every enjoyment in reading this web site, and discovering our heritage about Thai food at Thai Erawan Restaurant.

Interesting flavors make a visit to Thai Erawan worth the curt service

January 27 2006

       If you've never tried authentic Thai food, a visit to Thai Erawan should educate you on some of the flavors and smells of Thailand. Thai food is actually greatly influenced by Thailand's neighboring countries in Southeast Asia, including China, Malaysia and India. According to the menu and the restaurant's Web site (www.thaierawan.com), there are actually four distinct geographical regions in Thailand - known as Siam until 1939 - each with its own flavors that can be enjoyed in a single visit to York County. Full Daily Press Review >> Read more

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